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ACD: Melissa Hannigan by curleysh
ACD: Melissa Hannigan
Eeeeh, my pirate girl! :P

▫ Name: Melissa "Mel" Eleanor Hannigan
▫ Age: 20
▫ Gender: female
▫ Height: 165 cm
▫ Ethnicity: english
▫ Birthplace: Truro, Cornwall, UK
▫ Time Period: 17-18th Centuries

▫ Faction: ASSASSIN
▫ Occupation: pirate, captain, thief, seafarer-explorer, merchant
▫ Equipment: rapier 2х, modified wavy dagger/stiletto 2х, double-barreled gun
▫ Mount: -

▫ Likes: sea, seaside, chocolate, tea, bird singing, her equipment, rum, gold and treasures, unraveling the mysteries, night, silence, archery and shooting, ships, taverns, astronomy, adventures
▫ Dislikes: templars
▫ Personality: very smart, intelligent, educated and skilled, brave, responsible and hardworking, independent, decent, fair, arrogant, sometimes she's rude and greedy
▫ Biography: 
Melissa was born and raised in Truro, Cornwall, UK in the family of rich merchant. Her parents decided to make more trade ways with America, so when Mel was 14, she and her parents sailed to Boston. On their way to Boston, The Hannigan family was captured and separated by strangers. Melissa don't know what happened to her parents. Melissa should be sent to Nassau to work as a whore, but Mel was saved by assassins and taken to their base in Tulum. After 2 years of training, Mel was sent to Havana, where she worked as a farmer and assassin. She was working in Havana for more 2 years, and during this period she sailed the Caribbean Sea a lot and met a lot of assassins' allies-pirates. She became more interested of pirate's life and activity, she met Edward Teach, who started train her as a pirate and became Melissa's pirate mentor. At the age of 20 years Melissa was famous in pirate environment as a professional pirate, killer and thief for her excellent assassin's and pirate's skills. She has her own tavern and apartment in Havana, has trade relationships with Kingston, Boston, New York, New Orleans and Nassau, and she always visits the assassins' base in Tulum and her friends-pirates in Big Inagua.

▫  Mr. Erwin Hannigan - father, english, was born and raised in London, UK; descendant of Ginevra Vazari's son, Aquilinus;
▫  Mrs. Margaret Hannigan (nee Margaret Dempsey) - mother, irish, was born in Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland, but raised in London, UK;
▫ Ginevra Vazari da Firenze - ancestor from father's side.

- She plays the lute and the reedpipe.
- She likes pirate songs a lot and always sings.
- She has a pet: scarlet macaw.
- She has a crew and her own ship [/not bought yet/] called "The Sea Serpent"

[Animus Credit]
▫ Current Animus Credit: - 
▫ Total Animus Credit: -

More info is coming soon!..

ALSO I will add my third character from 12th century(Sita Shakir) asap.
ACD: Ginevra Vazari da Firenze by curleysh
ACD: Ginevra Vazari da Firenze
for RP | notes or skype
my skype: caroline-2.1


▫ Name: Ginevra "Gin" Adelaide Vazari da Firenze
▫ Age: 17
▫ Gender: female
▫ Height: 165 cm
▫ Ethnicity: italian-english
▫ Birthplace: Florence, Italy
▫ Time Period: 15-16th Centuries

▫ Faction: ASSASSIN
▫ Occupation: -
▫ Equipment: hidden blade, rapier, throwing knives, smoke bombs, old father's stiletto 
▫ Mount: -

▫ Likes: sweets, apples, any kind of tea, fresh bakery, cats, owls and eagles, music (she plays on a lute), sunny days, warm, clean sky, stars, drawing, fighting, archery, traveling, helping people, reading old books about everything, interesting stories, streets, seaside, freedom 
▫ Dislikes: spiders, mosquitoes, fish, ice, cold, rudeness, greed
▫ Personality:responsible, calm, but at the same time very cheerful and energetic, she can’t sit on one place, brave, hardy, people always see her in great and good mood, positive, unselfishly helps people, sometimes she’s shy, but doesn’t afraid of difficulties and dangers, as a child believe in peace and kind people. She is a creative person: she plays on a lute and draws. She wants to be a great master assassin, like Ezio Auditore and La Signora.
▫ Biography: Her family is the descendants of the ancient assassins, who lived in Masyaf. From Masyaf ancestors of her family moved to England. There they started working in pottery. They lived in England for several centuries. Gin’s ancestors had to go to Italy, Florence. In Italy the family changed the surname to “Vazai”. In length of time the surname became “Vazari”. But soon the family came back to England. 

Gin’s father was born in England, but spent all his childhood in Florence. There he met his wife, Ginny’s mother. Ginevra’s mother is an Italian and all her relatives are Italian. Gin’s father was a very capable man. He was a potter like his father, grandfather and etc, but he was the first man of his family, who changed the profession. Besides of pottery, he was a smith, a farmer, a drawer, an owner of own company. He was a very creative, he tough his children everything he knew himself: drawing, playing music instruments, horse riding, sewing and etc. He trained his children, what’s why Ginevra is very fast, dexterous and strong.

Gin’s sister Sofia was very ill in an early age. Sofia died because of this disease. After this Ginevra’s mother became very worried, sad, calm and cold to her children. 

One day when Ginevra was a very little girl some people broke into her family’s house and killed Ginevra’s father and brothers. After this her mother became more sad and cold. Ginny’s uncle, father’s brother Luigi, took Ginevra and Irene to his house near Florence. But one day when Ginevra and her mother walked in Florence, they saw a smoke outside the town. This was an uncle’s burning house. But Luigi disappeared and no one knew was he alive or not.

After this Ginevra and her mother lived in a house of Irene’s new husband. He was very rich and had a very big house. This house was placed near Pisa. Irene had two sons from her new husband. Ginevra played a lot in streets of Pisa with local children. New mother’s husband had nothing against Ginevra but he thought Irene is sad because of Ginny reminds of the past. He wanted to send Ginevra to his other relatives. But Givenra didn’t like them, so she dressed that her father sewed her, took old father’s stiletto and ran away. She came back to Florence. There she lived on the streets, stole food and money. And ones she met two assassins. The woman-assassin felt sorry for her and they took Ginevra to assassin’s base in Florence. Ginevra became live with assassins and do the simplest work (NOT KILLING AND ETC! :D (Big Grin)). Only then, when she became live with assassins, she found out whom her father was. Also the woman-assassin, which found Ginevra, became Ginny’s new teacher. At sixteen years old Ginevra joined to the order of the assassins. She thinks that assassins do a very good thing, and she wants to be the greatest assassin’s master like Ezio Auditore and La Signora.

[Animus Credit]
▫ Current Animus Credit: - 
▫ Total Animus Credit: -

▫ F A M I L Y (all names are wrote in italian): 
Jacopo Vasari – father †
Irene Vasari – mother
Marcello Vasari – elder brother †
Cosimo Vasari – middle brother †
Ricardo Vasari – younger brother †
Sofia Vasari – younger sister †
Luigi Vasari – uncle ? (unknown)

AC-Doctrina © Mirvirus
Ginevra © curleysh
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For now I don't have enough time to draw as much as I want. But I hope, that soon I will finish some my art works..

                                             Karma, guys Heart 
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Sketchdump  #1: New Stage Of Drawing by curleysh
Sketchdump #1: New Stage Of Drawing
Just some stuff for aaall this time. A lot of time has passed since I uploaded my last sketchdump.
So.. enjoy!

Почти год прошел с того момента, как я загрузила последние свои скетчи. У меня был готовый скетчдамп, но я сейчас посмотрела на него и поняла, что какие же там все скетчи ДЕРЬМО ужасные, так что я решила не загружать старые скетчи, а взять по-новее.

from curleysh with :heart:
Jay - Vampire Rabbitcat by curleysh
Jay - Vampire Rabbitcat
Just a small gift for my dear :iconfrirro: :heart:

Давно хотела нарисовать твоего Джея! Не знаю, есть ли он всё еще у тебя в активных персонажах, но уж больно мне он понравился! :D
К тому же ооочень давно хотела нарисовать что-нибудь для тебя! 
Еще раз спасибо тебе за твою поддержку и за то, что ты есть :heart: :huggle:
p.s. заранее прости за ошибки в твоем персонаже, которые я могла допустить ):   

art [c] curleysh
character [c] frirro
from curleysh with :heart:


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For now I don't have enough time to draw as much as I want. But I hope, that soon I will finish some my art works..

                                             Karma, guys Heart 
  • Listening to: GotG OST
  • Reading: J.D.Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye"
  • Watching: Star Wars

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